Working from below and with one person at a time... dynamic Adelaide business man, Mr. Don Farnden is leading the Australian "Small Business Project"; eradicating ignorance, dysfunction, failure and lack in businesses.

Understanding that development from below also serves to advance democracy and human rights, we're transforming the knowledge and spirit of people who have made an informed choice to become involved in, or to continue working in business; and we're creating synthesised local communities of like-minded, successful and economically viable people. 


It's with the use of appropriately placed tools and systems within these small and dynamic business communities, that this "Small Business Project" is reality!


... If you're gainfully-employed, under-employed, unemployed, or thinking about it... or

... If you're over-worked, under-worked, or just simply tired of working long and hard... or

... If you're self-employed, a small business owner, an independent professional... or

... If you're a sole trader, a partnership, an entrepreneur, or simply an enthusiast...

Then we invite you to become a Small Business Community foundation member


It's absolutely FREE!


Click here to Enrol... send an email to with your First Name, Family Name, your mobile phone number and email address, and any other details you would like to share, and we will confirm your enrolment.


Let's Have a Conversation... Find out why The Small Business Project's appropriately placed tools and systems are absolutely your fastest, most effective, efficient easiest and economical way to drive your business - any business - forward.  


Receive complimentary access to video newsfeeds, success secrets, business bulletins and updates direct from the Small Business Newsdesk at our Studio.



The Small Business Project is hosted in Australia by Boost Business Results  ABN: 49 163 899 527
Official Provider to Australian Small Business Owners with an Australian Business Number (ABN)


Phone: 1300 720 123


International Phone: +61 418 823 719

Mail: GPO Box 1561, Adelaide SA 5001